Sunday, May 28, 2017

Message of the Moment: The Lovers

Happy June!

And where are your clothes, Lovers?  Just where are they?  I mean, others may refer to you two as Lovers, but all I see are two people in their birthday suits looking away from each other.  Lady Lover, you're looking up with hope/faith on your face.  And Gentleman Lover, you're looking down at the ground-- perhaps you're more of a realist.

Attention to detail sure has a way of rockin’ our precious little worlds, doesn’t it?  Oh, yah.

So, if I don’t see any ‘love’ here or any ‘love-making’, then what do I see in the Lovers? 
Opportunity.  I see plenty of opportunity.  You see, unless you’re situated on a nude beach, nudity is supposed to be scandalous.  An atrocity.  And, ugh, haven’t we seen these parts a million times before?

Alas, I find no nervousness in my guests here.  No discomfort.  No worries.  My Lover buddies aren’t self-conscious.  Thus, with a nice blend of faith and realism, they will allow their confidence and self-acceptance to lead them in a pursuit of opportunities, even those that may be considered out of their league.

This is how the Lovers are.  Not who or what they are—this is how they are at this time.  Note that the Lovers are frozen in place, posing like statues.  They are right here, right now.  And they sure appear fit, toned, muscular.  

I will admit that I’m not this toned or muscular, so perhaps all these muscles are just metaphors in my life right now.  Metaphors I’ve been waiting (and working toward) a long time for, actually.

I don’t see partnerships in this card or even relationships or dating.  However, the idea of dating could be represented here, as well as flipping through the profiles and photos of prospects.  There is no true coming together action here, but there may be an attempt or circumstance that brings certain people within a close-enough proximity to one another.
It doesn’t mean these folks (will) work well together.  The Lovers may be exercising a preference for a certain distance (three feet?) between them.  Just look at their enthusiasm.

The Lovers feels like the Human Resources department of my deck.  This is why I wouldn’t go out of my way to assume that “fate” (see: Angel Obvious above) has brought about a certain “magical” development (bringing two naked people… close-enough to one another).

Evaluations, exams, tests, interviews, hosting, lectures, workshops, team-building efforts are all possible.  

I could entertain myself by analyzing the snake and apple tree depicted in my Lovers card, but you’re not dumb (and already know what these background/irrelevant features represent). 
Your (ahem) qualities and features are front and center now.  Own them.  Work them.

Some are (or will be) noticed or memorable.

Since posing naked for Angel Obvious isn’t the norm, I’d say that this card is, indeed, about veering from the norm (your norm included) as you pursue opportunities.  

Feel free to inject a touch of creativity into projects, tasks, etc.  You’re not in a box right now.  

You’re brave.  You’re (more) open.  And in a way, you’re free.  That ‘something’ you’re facing, letting out or revealing proves it.

Whether you land a certain opportunity or miss out on it, hang onto that freedom, bravery, openness, and confidence.

Confidence may be contagious and, thus, super valuable to some.

Breathe in that fresh air.

Enjoy your month!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Message of the Moment: The Two of Swords

Uhhh, no.

I have to say, I really like seeing this card even though it doesn't appear to be a *popular* card, one that people welcome with open arms.  No one really likes rejection, to hear the word no, to watch doors shut in front of their faces, and I imagine few enjoy saying "no". 

However, sometimes we find ourselves in situations we're not fans of, or in company that isn't for us-- not because others are "too negative" or "too positive" or whatever.  But, because something being done or said is affecting us in a way we're not willing to tolerate at the moment.  Maybe some are even bored with certain (verbal or emotional) exchanges.

When any of this stuff happens, I play it smart and cool, "blocking" an annoying situation in real life-- nope, not just on social media!  (Wink.)  Not that I need to explain myself here but, when I go for the block, it's not because I'm unwilling to face a situation or fearful of it (try me)-- it's because I'm tired of it, you know?  It's possible I'm going nowhere.  It's also possible I'm drowning in TMI.

Sometimes it's enough to know that a situation is shitty or slimy for whatever reason.  I don't have to keep looking at it.  I don't need to constantly be reminded of the fact.  

Whatever the situation, I've grown tired of looking at, hearing, or being near it.  It's old already.  Boring and pointless as fuck.  And it's time to simply stop looking at it, fueling it, feeding it the attention it craves and needs

It's time to be a big girl and stop focusing on certain shit.

It's time to blindfold myself, in my own way, and stop focusing on something ridiculous.  Or on you.  Or on her.  Or on him.  Or on what someone posts on social media.  I mean, even my own dog won't stare at her own daily piles of shit (she poops two to three times per day).  Why would she?

Maybe remaining focused on certain things is equivalent to staring at the dumps we leave in our toilets.  Unless we're feces researchers (don't ignore a medical issue, obviously), why would we do that?

When the Two of Swords comes up, to me, it means it's time go for that "block".  To separate yourself from what you don't consider "smart" or "wise".  This is a card of detachment, and detachment takes more strength than anyone will ever care to admit.

This is also a card of "I'll cut you".  The cut may come from words, spoken or written.  While you may not be afraid of slicing and dicing others with your commentary, others aren't (and won't be) afraid to strike either.  So, if some of you can't take the heat, you might want to, you know, stay the fuck out of the kitchen.

The Two of Swords (again, to me) is a card about bracing yourself.  It's about being aware of what makes us vulnerable (germs, change, other developments) so that we can defend ourselves, protect ourselves, shield ourselves as best we can.  And it's about tuning out certain (self) doubt, and petty or trivial shit... so that we can tune into ourselves better.

The Two of Swords is not a card about "safety"-- safety's not guaranteed to a person holding two swords while blindfolded after all-- or "avoiding the negative".  It's about turning our focus inward a bit, to ourselves, to what we really think and even feel about things, and dismissing stuff that we find irrelevant to our goals.

Because while focused on a goal, it's not unusual to find ourselves dismissing other things.  Unlike in the Seven of Chalices, some of us actually don't have the privilege or time to scatter our energy so far and wide, among many options and interests, now. 

We're not sprinkles.

The two-sword pose here only appears overly defensive.  We don't actually know what's prompted it, do we?  Maybe a little research here would be helpful.

The Two of Swords may also indicate grooming, trimming, cutting, chopping, slicing, sharpening, surgery, and getting to the point.  

Whatever we are all going through, I hope we feel better soon.  I say this because we typically don't block pleasant stuff.  

It's usually uncomfortable, painful, threatening, vile, disgusting, etc., shit we block from our sight.

And... out of sight, out of mind... even if temporarily.

Take good care of yourselves!


Saturday, December 31, 2016

Message(s) of the Moment: The Six of Wands and Seven of Chalices

This is the card I drew for December, 2016.  This one.  DAMMIT.

Last month, I attempted to post something about December and the Six of Wands.  My attempt didn't work out, but I refused to give up.  So, here is a late analysis of both.

The Six of Wands, to me, is a card about not backing down, and about the results of not backing down in a certain area of our lives.  We persist, we face something or someone, but we do so gracefully with this card.  We're noticed, maybe even appreciated (but definitely noticed).  We're aware of those around us.  Aware that we may or may not be someone's cup of tea.

But, we also probably don't give much of a fuck about whether we're someone's cup of tea.  And if we do give a tiny fuck about that, we're certainly not going to show it.  

No way.  This card is about giving ourselves credit even if, say, we don't pass a quiz or if an experience proves to be uncomfortable or a little embarrassing.  There is no cowering or lowering our heads here.  There is no allowing a big baby's douchey words to make us feel a certain way.

Not for more than a couple of seconds, anyway.  Remember what the goal of a big baby's douchey words is...

But, there is some "let's just get this shit over with" to enjoy.  What an awesome attitude to have!

And shit will get done.  Shit has gotten done already. 

Open your eyes, and notice what you've done (even if it's not as much as someone else has done).

Be proud of it.  Sit or stand up straight.  Face forward.  Use your words.  And ride your horse.

It's your horse.  You've fucking earned this horse-- and look at how well you've cared, and are caring, for it.

You actually feel like doing 'this', and you're motivated enough (no need to be some loud, bouncy, caffeine-fueled motivational speaker).

Congratulations.  Good for you.

Onto January...

"No, road is a major detail!" -- Jerry Seinfeld

Oh, January.  Recently, I saw a funny meme that referred to January as the Monday of the months.   I agree with this sentiment.  I'm not one of those people who envision January as a clean slate or an opportunity for a "new me".  

January just isn't that exciting.  Any day of the year can present a clean slate.  And the current me just fine.

Honestly, the only thing I used to worry about was sounding like an idiot while wishing someone a "happy new year" past, you know, the well-wishing deadline.  When was the deadline?  

Was there a deadline?  

More importantly, did I really need to give a fuck about wishing others a happy new year after January 10th?

While I will be celebrating a couple of occasions in January, I accept the month as the cold-ass one it tends to be around here.  I won't bullshit myself, folks, but I know the option is always there for me to do so.

Speaking of bullshit and options, let's get to January's card, the Seven of Chalices!  The Seven of Chalices may present imaginative ideas, possibilities, options, gifts, or shit just within yet juuuust out of our reach.

Honestly, I don't care for what's in these cups.  Sculptures, snakes, gaudy jewelry, little guys under sheets, old castles-- all these things weird me out.  

I'm more of a cute little seasonal mug kinda girl.  But, whatever floats your boat!

Know this, though: all the clouds here, the fog, the smog, the blur, the smoke, the fumes, the static?   It's all preventing information/something from reaching us.  Whatever or whomever is behind these cups, these promises, cannot be seen.  Conditions, while colorful, are fuzzy, unclear, unsure.

And, breaking news, goals may not stick.  But, feel free to explore a bit.

My guy here, while charmed or distracted or intrigued or entertained by these cups, hasn't reached out for any of them.  Why?  Because he's perusing and pondering routes and patterns and choices-- of the past, present, and future.   Because he's wondering if he's reeeeeeally into what he's seeing, or if what he's seeing is real.  And because, just like you and me, in spite of experience and knowledge, there's quite a bit he doesn't know much about...

It's OK not to know.  Not much is guaranteed in life.  And we don't really know how our decisions will turn out.  (Boy, can I provide some examples to support this...)

It's OK not to see clearly, to be scattered or sleepy or drowsy or confused or forgetful or tired or late.  This card feels like phlegm to me, like a high/buzz, drunkenness or a hangover.  Just be aware of this stuff, and make adjustments to tasks, activities, etc., as needed.

It's OK not to make a decision right away.  You don't even have to say "maybe" because, ultimately, your answer will be "yes" or "no".   Just take some time to figure out which of the two you're going with (and why), that's all.

Besides, "maybe" implies that people and opportunities will wait for you.

It's OK to "miss out". 

January, though a little fuzzy and unstructured at times, will still be somewhat stimulating and challenging.  Goals or projects you hadn't considered much may come up for review, and they could be interesting!

Finally, this card makes me think of moisture, hydration, and lovely shades of grey, white, blue.  And it reminds me that some things, like trees and snow and sunsets and lights and architecture, can appear beautifully against a foggy backdrop.  

Get out there and face the fog.

Enjoy the unpredictability in January, and happy 2017!


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Message of the Moment: The Empress

"No, she didn't!!"  Oh yes, she did.

And happy November to you!  October sure went by fast.  The busier you kept yourself, the faster it went, no?  

What a dynamic month October was for me.  Lots went on.  I hope it brought adventures your way, too!

November appears to be a decadent month.  Rich and tasty.  Savory.  Even special.  I drew the Empress for November, and I'd say that some of what made stress levels creep up in October settles down now.   Any tasks ordinarily handled in a rushed or panicky way also may be handled in a more relaxed, 'whatever will be, will be' manner.

No sweat, baby.

I think some of us link stress with concern.  And this association may be accurate.  After all, if you're the only one at, say, the office who cares enough to get tasks done, who cares about a company, who cares about clients, etc., you might feel stressed around those who don't get their work done.  You may also feel stressed if others' work falls on your shoulders.

Well, the reason the Empress looks radiant in her card is because she doesn't stress too much.  Have you seen stress on your face before?  I've seen stress on my face before.  It's not radiant.  But, I know that the stressed look can't be avoided at times.  I know that all too well. 

The Empress is not going to clean up after anyone unless she wants to, unless it brings joy to an obsessive-compulsive condition or something, unless she is respected for it.  OK?  And she's not going to tell you that she's "not going to clean up after you".  

She's just... not going to clean up after you.

She's going to do what she needs to get done, and then she's going to sit back and maybe watch shit-TV and eat a bowl of cheesy puffs or drink a glass of wine or mug of chamomile tea as she unwinds at the end of the night.

And she's going to look great doing so.

She's also going to enjoy her comfy and cozy attire.  The Empress doesn't wear something she doesn't feel comfortable in.  She may also be into pajamas, blankets, scarves, soft towels, bed sheets, and jewel tones.

There is "success" in this card, for those of you who are into success.  Congratulations.  An outcome is going to be OK, maybe even great.  

The key, in some situations, will be to keep from looking stressed or afraid/nervous in some cases-- and I know this is difficult.  But, if you appear super stressed or nervous/worried about a situation, you're telling others, with your body language, that you give a shit (probably waaaay too much of a shit) about their position or authority.  

Understand that it's OK to feel nervous and uncomfortable and stressed.  It IS OK.  I feel all of these things, sometimes more often than I'd like to...

But, like the Empress, I have just enough pride to not show some people that they make me nervous or uncomfortable or stressed or worried.  I have just enough pride to display that I will take something in stride.  I try to own my nervousness and discomfort, as both are normal.

Like the Empress, I have just enough pride to own and use and display my power.  I have just enough pride to prevent your criticisms to knock me, or keep me, down.  

I will speak when I need or want to-- not when I'm expected or pressured to do so.  

I will do my best to take care of myself, WITHOUT becoming a crazed slave to others' rules about self-care and/or "health".  

I will perform to the best of my ability, remembering that I only have two arms. 

And, fuck yeah, I will indulge in life and some of the quality experiences it has to offer.  Like chocolate.

What makes you feel good?  What do you find delicious or tasty or luxurious? 

Remember: massages could be considered luxurious, but some people don't like hands or oils all over them.  Others don't like imported chocolate or fluffy pillows.  

A day off could be luxurious.  A quiet night at home could be luxurious.  A cup of coffee in the morning could be luxurious.  A moment spent away from an annoying person could be luxurious (not that I'd know anything about this).

'Luxurious' is in the eye of the beholder.  What does it mean to you?

Enjoy the energy of the Empress, and your November!


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Message of the Moment: The Knight of Wands

Happy October!  Some of you may be starting to enjoy the cooler temps of autumn (finally).  But even if you're not, it might still feel like a new season has arrived with bells, whistles, funky and upbeat background music, and maybe a knight in shining armor costume-- the whole enchilada-- for a number of folks out there.  Remember when I said the Wheel of Fortune would keep things interesting?  

Let's just say that the Knight of Wands is fully equipped and prepared for interesting.  The Knight of Wands is fueled by 'interesting'-- he lives for this shit!  He spices up your food and moments. He puts a spring in your step.  He brings the gifts of action, charisma, charm, shine, boldness, bravery, determination, and attitude.

The Knight of Wands isn't one of those "well-paced" cards, according to some interpretations out there.  However, I beg to differ.  Although I feel this guy might be a bit overdressed for certain situations, I don't see his horse rushing into a scene with the knight ready to rescue someone.  Both the horse and the knight appear to be at ease while strutting their stuff!

I don't see his weapon pointing at anyone either.  It is present, but his movements, his strategies, his motives, and his presence are the true weapons here.  

The Knight of Wands may be prepared for battle, but he is not actually battling which is important to note, I think.  As such, there is no reason to get super cocky-bitchy (to make a point) or run scared, but you may wish to be more selective about the battles you take on since patience isn't a skill used by everyone. 

(And, yes, it's a skill.)

The Knight of Wands isn't as naive, unaware, impatient, young, impulsive or foolish as some might make him out to be.  He does seem pretty (or veeery) sensitive, though.  Why else would he be wearing armor for protection?  Encouragement or positive reinforcement may help.

The Knight of Wands could be here to give some the confidence and courage to move (it), 'go for it', to make or own mistakes, to practice, to train or become stronger somehow.  

Finally, encouraging others is nice, but consider encouraging yourself as you embark on new(ish) projects and goals or become accustomed to rules.

A "new you" is birthed every day.   Yay.



Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Message of the Moment: The Wheel of Fortune

Background courtesy of a red folder.

Happy September! 

I have to admit, the Wheel of Fortune is not my favorite.  You see, although I've mellowed out over the years, I can still be a bit of a control freak at times.  And knowing that I have no control over where the wheel will stop, over an outcome... well, it kinda stinks.  I like to know 'where this is going' or 'whether this cake I'm baking will actually resemble and taste like a cake once it's out of the oven'.  I'm not one of those people who doesn't focus on an outcome ever because I'm going to go with the flow 100% of the time

If I go with the flow 100% of the time, I could wind up lost somewhere deep in the woods, and a bear could eat me.  Or, I could run out of toilet paper (and anything else from the paper family) and have nothing to wipe special areas with.  Or, I could run out of gas in an area Jason Voorhies might hang out in, an area with no phones or traffic in the middle of the night.  Or, my dog might become pissed at me over not feeding her at a decent hour.

See how going with the flow doesn't always work?

See where my thoughts go?  (Let's not focus on this.)

I'm not sure anyone can really go with the flow 100% of the time (nor should they, in my opinion), anyway.  But, it's sure a nice and relaxed way to live... until real-shitty shit hits the fan.

Call me crazy, but I do prepare mentally for the real-shitty shit.  I think about it. I imagine walking in its shoes.  I let it fill me up with anxiety and stress.  I ask myself how would I deal with the real-shitty shit?  

I become one with it all in my thoughts because my brain and thoughts will matter in a case where I'm deep in real shitty-shit.  And if I remain focused only on good things and flowing all the time, I'm really gonna hate the real shitty-shit when it rolls around so much it might consume or overwhelm me.  At that point, I will be dealing with disgust (over the shit) plus disgust over my reaction to the shit plus disgust over any guilt.  

Triple typical disgust?

No, thanks.

I don't want to hate the real-shitty shit.  It's a part of life.  I'm supposed to be confronted by challenges and uncomfortable developments.  I can learn a valuable skill from 'the unfavorable'.

Yeah yeah, I have to push the wheel, I know.  I have to make moves or get a process rolling even if it means I'll suffer rejection, a flat cake, and so forth.  I need to endure uncomfortable or less than ideal circumstances.

I need to take (or keep taking) risks.  Risks are represented by the Wheel of Fortune.  Everything we do, from getting out of bed to going to work to hanging with a friend to meditating in a 'safe space'-- it's all actually a risk.  Anything can happen at any time.  Thus, everything you do translates to 'taking a chance' and, in its own way, is exciting and different and fresh and adventurous and... naturally anxiety-prompting!

If I didn't wake up or step outside or hang with a friend or go to work or meditate (I don't meditate), I wouldn't feel what I feel or see what I see or meet who I meet.  

If I didn't 'fail', I wouldn't truly learn what it takes to 'pass' and that I might be able to try again.  I wouldn't feel motivated to practice.  I wouldn't be able to tell or show others what is needed to 'pass'.  I wouldn't learn how to think outside my own box (because it's clear that the plan in my former box was not the best plan-- and, ha, I said 'box').    

I wouldn't learn that humans, like me, make mistakes, and that this is normal. 

I'll take the anxiety.

Some people try only once at certain goals or interests.  This is fine.  But, if there is a goal or interest you'd like to resurrect, now is the time to consider doing so (while not worrying over feedback from some folks).

Engage.  Engage with 'success' and 'failure'.  Embrace the wheel, warm it, feel it, (don't squeeze it) and turn it like you can motherfucking handle-- like you will handle-- an outcome.  How many outcomes have you already handled, huh?

There's really no avoiding an unfavorable outcome.  But, awesome news: there's really no avoiding a favorable outcome either!

(I hope you know I'm reading and digesting my own words right now.) 

This card isn't only about "taking a chance".  It is also about a second chances.  Maybe even a third, fourth or fifteenth chance.  Multiple opportunities to get something 'right'.  Multiple ways to act or react. Multiple possibilities, too.

The Wheel of Fortune is also about keeping one's life colorful through acknowledging the chances you take as well as those you have taken, regardless of how they've all turned out.

Color color color.  Consider adding some color to your day, to your plate, to your face, to your wardrobe, to your language, etc.

Remember that what you perceive to be an error might be very common (and, therefore, not really an error when you think about it).  

There is never a dull moment with the Wheel of Fortune.  This card keeps things interesting, just at a slower or less intense pace than other cards, I think.

Make time for games and play.

Have a fun and wonderful September!


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Message of the Moment: The Queen of Pentacles

Well, holy crap-- I'm not so sh*tty!

The Queen of Pentacles will serve as the Card of July.  
But,  it's July 7th!

 Yeah, I know.  I'm usually a tiny bit late to most events so... I haven't really surprised myself here.  

I'm delighted to see this card because this Queen's feet are bare!  Comfortable.  Free.  Soaking up the sun, feeling a breeze, playing with soil, making sure the ground is 'still there'.  We use our sensitive feet for walking purposes, typically, so this card could be recommending light, comfortable, "practical" footwear.  Or, perhaps the remedy some need is a delicious surface beneath their feet such as sand, grass, soil,  even  warm rocks or pavement.

 The ground is 'still there', folks.  No matter the turbulence (of late), some have landed just fine, safe and sound.  No matter how many moves have been made, some are very much capable of commitment and discipline-- and the Queen of Pentacles will see to it that we remain committed to a particular goal without stressing out or worrying too much.  Heck, some commitments/goals may even be enjoyable.

The Queen of Pentacles, after all, isn't worrying... because she's already imagined a worst-case scenario, planned ahead, saved money for a rainy day, got some of her ducks in row, organized, cleaned, run errands, attended appointments, made room (or a special/designated space) for productivity/success/accomplishment.  We can finish what we've started, and feel absolutely terrific about it!

We're OK, settling in, feeling better, dreading less, getting into a beneficial routine.

Where would you like to feel more stability?  The ground beneath your own 'feet'? 

Work at it.  We work everyday, many of us, even if some don't hold a 9-5 job.  Keep going, because you'll be satisfied with results.  You will see signs of growth.  At the very least, potential will become apparent to you and others as you go.

Speaking of results, evidence or proof is important to the Queen of Pentacles.  She prefers something she can see, touch/feel, smell, taste.

Women may be a focus of the month of July, with some 'rising', maximizing capabilities, refining skills.  Even a new skill may be easier to develop, and turn into a practice, than originally thought.  And it may lead to more lucrative opportunities.

Remember the value that you bring to a situation, and hang onto it... just as the Queen of Pentacles holds onto her pentacle.  Act like you are valuable.  The Queen cares for/nurtures, humbly displays, and appreciates her pentacle.  She's not holding onto that pentacle for dear life, frightened about letting it go-- she is calmly ensuring nothing happens to it. She might even have her pentacle appraised!  

Anyway, whether you or someone else notices it this month, you are valued.  And some will have no trouble 'getting real' or helping others 'get real'.

Happy July!