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Message of the Moment: The King of Swords

Happy September!  I couldn't decide between a yellow or silver background so I've gone with both. I'm sure the King of Swords is just thrilled with the look.

Alright, folks.  As I study the King of Swords and how it might relate to my audience, I can't help but think of the following phrases and questions:

Here we go again...
You ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer.
What part of _____ do you not understand? 
Didn't we go over this already?
What'd I say?
Do you understand? 
Well, this is a useful conversation...
I told you so...
You just had to go there...
Really?  Seriously?
Sure, why not? I have all the free time in the world for this...
Obviously, I'm gonna have to sit down for this...
Thank you, Captain Obvious.

What I love most about the King of Swords is the look on his face.  Is he tired of our shit?  Or, has he turned his overall tiredness-over-our-shit into sarcasm?

Whatever the King of Swords represents in your life, you need to know that you'r…
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Message of the Moment: The Two of Swords & Knave of Chalices

What better time to write a Message of the Moment for August than on the 4th of August?  I feel like I'm right on time here.  I mean I could have posted about August on August 10th. Or August 20th.  Or not at all... like I did about July... which we won't discuss.

OK.  Fine.  I'll share what July was (or would have been) about on this blog, and ignore a preference for, you know, moving on.

The card I drew for July was the Two of Swords.  To me, it's the very-likely-a-no card, the card that keeps you out of that super-special and/or desirable team, group, clique, effort, opportunity, event, gathering, meeting, conversation...

You might know the thing you feel (or have felt) "kept out of". 

Or, you might know the thing, situation, etc., you've deliberately (with your own two shiny gigantic swords) been keeping out of your sweet little sphere.  (And damn, I won't even fuck with you and any of that.) Because when the Two of Swords is drawn, either we are…

Message of the Moment: The Lovers

Message of the Moment: The Two of Swords

I have to say, I really like seeing this card even though it doesn't appear to be a *popular* card, one that people welcome with open arms.  No one really likes rejection, to hear the word no, to watch doors shut in front of their faces, and I imagine few enjoy saying "no". 

However, sometimes we find ourselves in situations we're not fans of, or in company that isn't for us-- not because others are "too negative" or "too positive" or whatever.  But, because something being done or said is affecting us in a way we're not willing to tolerate at the moment.  Maybe some are even bored with certain (verbal or emotional) exchanges.

When any of this stuff happens, I play it smart and cool, "blocking" an annoying situation in real life-- nope, not just on social media!  (Wink.)  Not that I need to explain myself here but, when I go for the block, it's not because I'm unwilling to face a situation or fearful of it (try me)-- it…

Message(s) of the Moment: The Six of Wands and Seven of Chalices

Last month, I attempted to post something about December and the Six of Wands.  My attempt didn't work out, but I refused to give up.  So, here is a late analysis of both.

The Six of Wands, to me, is a card about not backing down, and about the results of not backing down in a certain area of our lives.  We persist, we face something or someone, but we do so gracefully with this card.  We're noticed, maybe even appreciated (but definitely noticed).  We're aware of those around us.  Aware that we may or may not be someone's cup of tea.

But, we also probably don't give much of a fuck about whether we're someone's cup of tea.  And if we do give a tiny fuck about that, we're certainly not going to show it.  

No way.  This card is about giving ourselves credit even if, say, we don't pass a quiz or if an experience proves to be uncomfortable or a little embarrassing.  There is no cowering or lowering our heads here.  There is no allowing a big baby's do…

Message of the Moment: The Empress

And happy November to you!  October sure went by fast.  The busier you kept yourself, the faster it went, no?  

What a dynamic month October was for me.  Lots went on.  I hope it brought adventures your way, too!

November appears to be a decadent month.  Rich and tasty.  Savory.  Even special.  I drew the Empress for November, and I'd say that some of what made stress levels creep up in October settles down now.   Any tasks ordinarily handled in a rushed or panicky way also may be handled in a more relaxed, 'whatever will be, will be' manner.

No sweat, baby.

I think some of us link stress with concern.  And this association may be accurate.  After all, if you're the only one at, say, the office who cares enough to get tasks done, who cares about a company, who cares about clients, etc., you might feel stressed around those who don't get their work done.  You may also feel stressed if others' work falls on your shoulders.

Well, the reason the Empress looks radiant i…

Message of the Moment: The Knight of Wands

Happy October!  Some of you may be starting to enjoy the cooler temps of autumn (finally).  But even if you're not, it might still feel like a new season has arrived with bells, whistles, funky and upbeat background music, and maybe a knight in shining armor costume-- the whole enchilada-- for a number of folks out there.  Remember when I said the Wheel of Fortune would keep things interesting?  

Let's just say that the Knight of Wands is fully equipped and prepared for interesting.  The Knight of Wands is fueled by 'interesting'-- he lives for this shit!  He spices up your food and moments. He puts a spring in your step.  He brings the gifts of action, charisma, charm, shine, boldness, bravery, determination, and attitude.

The Knight of Wands isn't one of those "well-paced" cards, according to some interpretations out there.  However, I beg to differ.  Although I feel this guy might be a bit overdressed for certain situations, I don't see his horse rus…